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Ida Vale Inspection Day

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Farrer 130254

Farrer 130254 was purchased by Ida Vale in 2014 from NSW at a record price of $17000. 


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A comparison of livestock enterprises including self replacing

The emergence of very large flocks of cleanskin sheep in pastoral Queensland and other states suggests private investors and former sheep people are convinced they are a viable option in environments that could be described as semi arid and best...

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White Dorper sires used for 2016 drop lambs:

Ida Vale 132101

Glen Park 110511

Ida Vale 102277

Ida Vale 122062

Ida Vale 142186 

Ida Vale 154248 ( 50% White Suffolk ) Progeny can not be registered therefore not available at Production sale.

Ida Vale 112227


White Dorper sires used for 2015 drop lambs:

Ida Vale 112227 . Consistently one of the best performing sires. Great feet, shedding and all-round structure. Stud quality progeny available at 2016 Production Sale

Melashdan 130104

Ida Vale 132102

Ida Vale 122062

Glen Park 110511


White Dorper sires used for 2014 drop lambs:

 Ida Vale 052180

Ida Vale 002025

Ida Vale 132152

Ida Vale 112227

Jilakin Downs 120483

Jilakin Downs 120682

Ida Vale 122143

Ida Vale132202


White Dorper sires used in 2013 drop lambs:

Ida Vale 112227


Ida Vale 082159 - 

  • Top 5% of White Dorper sires in Australia
  • Trait leader for PEMD 
  • 100% shedding ram with a soft hair coat
  • Sound feet
  • Wonderful Temperament


Ida Vale 108165

  • Top 1% of White Dorper sires in Australia

Ida Vale 102542                                                                             102542 Ida Vale White Dorper Sire,

  • Potential Type 5 (lacks eye pigment)
  • Trait Leader for SRC Index






Ida Vale 102483                                                                                                  102483 Ida Vale White Dorper sire Type 4

  • Type 4 ram
  •  Exceptionally sound ram





Australis 100027

  • 100% shedding ram
  • New bloodlines to the stud

Kasteel 090195

Kasteel 090179

Kasteel 100214